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Remote Accounting Jobs Weekly: @BlumerCPAs is hiring remote, CPA vs. Accounting Tech Skills & more!

Welcome to the first edition of my *new* newsletter. Today, I'm excited to share the newest company
Remote Accounting Jobs Weekly: @BlumerCPAs is hiring remote, CPA vs. Accounting Tech Skills & more!
By Jeff from AccountantList • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to the first edition of my *new* newsletter.
Today, I’m excited to share the newest company profile: Blumer CPAs!
Fun fact: Back in 2014 when I thought I wanted to start my own accounting firm, I looked at the founder, Jason Blumer, as inspiration for the type of modern day firm I wanted to create. In retrospect, I would have rather worked for a firm like Blumer CPAs, than attempt (and fail) to start my own firm from scratch. I don’t remember if they were hiring remotely back then, but now they are!
Before I even started AccountantList, I was obsessed with researching the best places to work as an accounting professional, because I reached a point in my career where I valued gaining more freedom & flexibility over more money.
Given that I lived (and still live) in a not so big U.S. city compared to LA, NY, or SF, there weren’t many progressive employers that embraced workplace flexibility, so I made it my mission to find, curate, and build a database of flexible and remote-friendly employers.
Well, I took all that research and data and made my latest project: This is a list of all the remote-friendly companies that have popped up on my radar over the past few years. I’ve analyzed each and every company on this list for their perks, flex factors, and key tech.
My goal with this List is to go beyond the job board - not just see who’s hiring *right now*, but what companies you want to work for, before they’re even hiring. It’s not quite done yet as I’m still making adjustments so I haven’t announced it publicly, just to the AL community. More to come soon…
And on a personal note, my wife and I are about to become first-time parents to a baby girl in less than a month. I’m super excited and ready for this next chapter in my life. I’m taking the maximum amount of paternity leave at my day job (3 months) to bond with my baby and help out at home. And I’m sure when I have the time for it, I’ll likely be researching the best companies for new parents to share with you ;)

Blumer CPAs📍Hiring remotely in the USA
Flex Factors: 🏠 Remote Work Options, 🗓 Flexible Schedule, 🕒 Flexible Hours, 🗓 Flexible working, ✈️ Company Retreats, 👖 Casual Dress, 🚫 No timesheets
Blumer CPAs provides business coaching, operational consulting, accounting, tax, tax planning, payroll, controllership, and technology services to creative businesses (digital design, and marketing agencies).
I received the following DM from a community member and this such a great question in regards to wanting to improve your remote accounting candidate attractiveness:
“I am trying to decide what skill set I should move towards learning that will make me more attractive to companies hiring remotely. Would I better off pursuing my CPA license or just increasing my technology skills such as learning Bill[dot]com, Xero, Netsuite etc. given that I already have many years of accounting experience?”
To gain some insights from key decision makers in accounting, I asked my LinkedIn network this question so you’ll have a better idea of what they are looking for.
Allen Douglass CPA
The accounting industry doesnt have a talent shortage issue. We have an issue with firms not providing work in a way the talent wants to do the work.
12:42 PM - 20 Jun 2019
With the launch of, what features or filter criteria are most important to you when researching amazing places to work? I’d love to hear your feedback. You can simply reply to this email. Thanks in advance.
That’s it for this week’s roundup, thanks for reading, and cheers to the week ahead!
—Jeff (@JeffMadduxCPA), founder of AccountantList
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