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Remote Accounting Jobs Weekly: Blumer CPAs is hiring, Breaking Into Cloud Accounting, Dream Desk Setup, & more!

I'm officially a new dad to a healthy baby girl! It's been a couple weeks now and I'm loving #DadLife
Remote Accounting Jobs Weekly: Blumer CPAs is hiring, Breaking Into Cloud Accounting, Dream Desk Setup, & more!
By Jeff from AccountantList • Issue #2 • View online
I’m officially a new dad to a healthy baby girl! It’s been a couple weeks now and I’m loving #DadLife 🍼.
With this new addition to my family, comes an even greater motivation to explore work options to free up more time at home with her.
I plan on putting together some resources for parents in accounting to be able to spend more time with their kids or loved ones since this has become a top priority for me.
Soon, I’ll be taking 3 months paternity leave from my day job. I’m curious to know, any new parents in accounting that’s taken a lot of time off or did it spark a career change or move to remote work to be at home with the little ones?

Great news! Blumer CPAs recently hired two employees from their postings on AccountantList, and they’re looking to hire another to join their amazing team.
“Hey Jeff, just wanted to let you know our firm has hired two people through AccountantList. Really thankful we found you!” - Jason Blumer, CPA, Owner @ Blumer CPAs
🔥 HOT JOB: Customer Ally - CPA (Remote) at Blumer CPAs (United States)
As a follow up to the popular Ultimate Guide To Finding Remote Accounting Jobs, I’ll soon be publishing a new Ultimate Guide for Breaking into Cloud Accounting to help you land a cloud accounting job.
In 2019 and beyond, I see so much opportunity for career growth in this area and don’t think it gets enough attention or has a clear career path for breaking into it.
It’s basically the guide I wish I had back in 2014 when I was transitioning from corporate to cloud accounting, but had to figure it out on my own.
And if you’re struggling to land a fully remote gig, getting a cloud accounting job even if it’s in an office can be a stepping stone into remote work.
But before I give y'all a preview, do you have any specific questions about breaking into cloud accounting I can be sure to address in this guide?
The Ultimate Desk Setup For the 'Work-from-home' Accountant
The Ultimate Desk Setup For the 'Work-from-home' Accountant
This year I’ve carefully researched and curated the gear for what I’m calling The Ultimate Desk Setup For the ‘Work-from-home’ Accountant.
This setup is a major upgrade for me since I previously was doing everything from a tiny 11" MacBook Air. Now I have so much screen real estate I’m not having to tab between apps as much (or squint), plus a 10-key and ergonomic mouse, it’s boosting my productivity.
The setup I’m loving:
What’s your setup? I’d love to see pics of your home/office desk setup you’re rockin’ where you do your best work or the gear you swear by.
I’m looking into creating more via YouTube because I’d like to have more conversations with likeminded folks in accounting, share career experiences and tips for getting remote jobs.
So I’d love to hear what’s your biggest struggle so I can put together something for you that’ll help you right now.
Welcome AccountantLife Insiders!
Welcome AccountantLife Insiders!
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That’s it for this roundup, thanks for reading. Have questions/comments about any of the above? Want to say hey? Hit reply to any of my emails and it’ll come straight to me.
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